Friday, November 4, 2011

Runescape Magic guide

Runescape Magic Guide
          In Runecape, have you ever seen some players have their magic level, much higher than you imagined? Have they attacked you, beyond the expectations that you placed? Well this is a guide to help you become a magician like them.
          There are few ways for you to get your magic level higher, without leveling your combat level. This is to have full iron armor on, which will help you to accomplish the goal. For this activity, what you are going to do is carry a staff, with your full iron armor on, and use the magic spells that weaken an enemy, whether it weakens your defense, attack, or even your strength. Some of the spells for that are confuse, e.t.c
          In this way, you can level your magic level slowly, but it will all be worth it, when you achieved a high magic level, with a low combat level. Always understand that for people to become good in Runescape, they take their time in raising their skills and stats, so that it would be just perfect to pvp. This is a guide on how you can become one of them , and attack extremely hard on your opponent. I hope you have fun, and good luck! 

Runescape Bot and Hack info

Runescape Hacks and Bots?
         In Runescape, are there really things such as Hacks and Bots? Well, I will explain to you, if this is all fake, or if it’s actually real. In Runescape, there are many people who can achieve level 99 skills overnight. Have you ever seen people raising their skills without talking, when you’re waiting for a response?
          Well, it’s true! In Runescape, there are many Bots that can be used to raise your skill overnight. What some advantages there are for Runescape Botting is that, many of the Javex, cannot find out if it’s a bot or not. They hardly even care. For other Runescape hacks, they exist, but can be very difficult to find.
          If you are really interested in more of the Runescape Botting, then I will post more about it, and maybe, even a runescape bot, for all of you to enjoy. There are many different kind of bots that people use, and there are bots for all different skills in Runescape. It may be unfair, for one to be cheating in this game, but if you are very interested into using this, then I won’t stop you. If many comments are up, asking for this Runescape bot, then I will post the link for you to download it. So this is some of the information that you can learn about Runescape Bots and Hacks, and I hope that you learned more from this article!

Runescape Review

Runescape Review
          In the online multiplayer game, Runescape, it is a virtual world that takes place in the Medieval Ages, where people would hunt, smith, and even fish to make profit. This online game is a great way for one to understand the concepts of making money. There are many ways that people can think outside the box. People can understand how to think differently, and use their creativeness to make online money which is referred to as “Gp”. In this game, the goal for most players are to make money in the game, or to socialize. But, through my perspective, I would not recommend the game for just socializing. This game can help one with entertainment.
          In Runescape, there are about 30 skills that players can excel in. The higher ones skill level is, the easier it is for that player to make more money. It is a fun way to imagine oneself in the Medieval Ages. This is the main concept and should be understood by all. I hope this review helps everyone who wants to understand what Runescape is, and what it’s all about!

Runescape Quick Money making guide

Runescape Easy Money Making Guide
          Are you having a hard time getting your first few hundred thousand gold in Runescape? Well, there is actualy a pretty quick way for you to get that in a matter of minutes. This can actually be used for training too, so it is like hitting two birds with 1 rock. I will be telling you one way for you to get that easily.
          One way that you can make money quick is to go to lumbridge. Once arriving to lumbridge, you will see that , there will be a cowfield, located on the north west side of the Lumbridge castle. Go to the cow field, and start killing cows for their cowhides. These cows are easy to kill, for all levels. Once collecting all the cowhides, you must go to the Alkharid bank, by walking through the gates. But in order to walk through the gate, you must either finish the quest, to walk in for free, or pay 15 gold through every entry.
          The cowhides of the cow, can sell for quite a decent price. Once having over 100 cowhides, it would be suggested that you should sell them at the Grand Exchange. The advantages for making profit from the cowhides are that you can train any combat skill such as range, melee, or magic. Another advantage of killing cows, is that it is the most simplest way to make some quick gp. This guide is mostly recommended for the Runescape players that are of level 3 through level 25.
I hope this guide helps you, and good luck making money!  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Runescape pvp guide melee/range

          When pvping with other people, many people use different ways to ko you. People will switch weapons, or have one weapon to focus on, and attack extremely hard. I will teach you one of the ways that you can use to ko someone in the wilderness.
          One way to kill someone in Runescape is using the range and melee. First of all you should have your range level a little bit higher than your strength and attack. For example: if you already have 40 attack, so that you can wield rune, and your strength is 48, then I suggest that your range would be around 55. When using range, I highly suggest that you use mithril, so that you would attack them with above average damage, but not enough to make them eat all the time. Also, using mithril arrows, will make people feel safe, because you won’t be hitting that hard on them. Make sure that when you eat your food to regain health, that you drink a strength potion at the same time, so that it won’t look like you’ve taken your strength potion. Afterwards, when they feel safe, because they know how much max damage you can do, you must wait until u have an estimate of how much health they have. After estimating, you switch from Rune 2h, or Rune scim, or any other melee weapon, and make sure you switch right after you shoot them with your arrow, and right before they are about to attack you. This method will make you attack them much quicker than you would, when you normally use range.
          When using this technique, I would suggest you to use a rune 2hand sword, because it will be your ko’er. This is a very useful way for you to fight during pvp. Have fun with this guide, and I hope that it helped a lot. Have fun Pvping!

Runescape Smithing Guide

          Would you want to get level 99 smithing? Have you ever wanted to get to smith your own rune armor? Well, this guide will help you. If you want to make money as a nonmember, well then I’m sorry to tell you, that you will actually be losing money by smithing armor, because it would be much more of a profit to smelt a bar rather than using it to smith armor.
          As a nonmember or member, the fastest way to get your smithing level to 99, is to smith as many steel platebodys as possible. Steel platebodys give you the most experience, and are not as expensive as getting mithril. The most money making smith tip is that you should smith the steel balls, for cannon balls. That would make a profit for you, but hardly worth the experience. Overall, smithing is one of the guides that lose money rather than making money.
          These are the ways for you to get your smithing level increased. So, just follow this guide, and start following me. Have a good time with your smithing

Runescape fishing guide

Runescape Fishing Guide

          Did u ever want to get your fishing level to 99 quickly? Well, then here is how. First of all, if you are a nonmember, I suggest fishing shrimp till level 10, and sardines, and herring till you reach level 25. Then, you should start fishing salmon and trout till you reach level 99. You would have to fish till level 99, because it is the most convenient. When fishing trout and salmon, it would be best to power fish them, as in dropping your fish after having a full load. This is the quickest way for a nonmember to get their fishing level to 99. Although it will take quite a lot of feathers, it will all be worth it at the end. Trout and salmon may not give the most experience, but it gives the fastest.  As a nonmember, I wouldn’t suggest you to make money as a fisher, because the fishing spots for lobster and swordfish are very inconvenient spots to fish.
          If you are a member, then there are many easy ways to fish. First I suggest that you get to level 30 of fishing or more. When starting from level 30, you should continue to fish salmon and tuna. Continue fishing that, because it is the quickest way to get some fast levels. Once reaching level 70, I suggest that you should start fishing monkfish, or fish them as soon as possible. The monkfish is the fish for members that will give the most and quickest experience for members. Monkfish is also the fastest way to make money as a member. But you can only start fishing monkfish after you finish the swan song quest. It is not that hard, so I suggest doing it as quick as possible.
          These are some of the ways to get your fishing level to 99, or to make some money. I hope this helps you all, and good luck with your Runescape!